• McLeod-Rake Hoe

    McLeod-Rake Hoe

    Hoe: edge 22-30 cm wide 6-8 rake teeth rake 8-12 cm long each Wood handle: 145-155 cm Weight: 8-12 kg Thickness: 12mm
  • Drip Torch

    Drip Torch

    Safety – availability of fire reverse exhaust prevention system, air supply and burning intensity regulation system  Material iron casting Size (during transportation) :170 mm (L)130 mm (W)260mm (H) Size (working): 170mm (L) 130 mm (W) 500mm (H) Capacity max: 3.2 litres Fuel consumption: max 0.3 l/s Fuel mix – petrol with engine oil 1:1 Outer covering glossy, red Dry weight :max 1.9 kg
  • Hoe


    Head: 12-16 cm wide Handle: 145-155 cm long Thickness: 12mm
  • Universal Compact Filtering Air Pack

    Universal Compact Filtering Air Pack

    Carbon monoxide protective concentration :0~1.0% protection time :30min Weight :≤1000g
  • Fire Swatter

    Fire Swatter

    Heavy-duty tool for smothering grass and grain fires Length :1.5m Handle diameter :2.5cm Weight: 1.46kg Flail steel line lenght: 50cm Steel line :28pcs
  • Collapsible Pillow Storage Tank

    Collapsible Pillow Storage Tank

    Approved for drinking water Capacity :450L Filler 110mm with ball valve Material: PVC Size :L 1×0.7×0.4
  • Back-Pack Pump

    Back-Pack Pump

    The outer backpack of glue bag is made of 600d Oxford cloth Capacity: water 20L Weight: ≤2.5kg Stream distance :max 12m